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Many people have asked – is getting my Wheelie Bin Cleaned really a worthwhile investment? Could I simply clean it myself?

With the ever growing prevalence of Wheelie Bin Cleaning Services popping up in and around Melbourne, it is quite clear that the need to employ a professional Wheelie Bin Cleaning Service to clean bins is a growing fad – the question is, why would you use a professional bin cleaning service over simply doing it yourself?

The answer lies in a few areas. Firstly, Wheelie Bins are very unhygienic and require a thorough clean – a professional Wheelie Bin Cleaning service (at least the good ones), will utilise fresh, hot water, along with commercial grade bin cleaning products to ensure that the germs and bacteria are adequately removed – domestic detergents and cold water simply don’t cut it in this regard.

Secondary to this is the environmental considerations. The EPA is against disposing of Bin Cleaning water down domestic storm drains, the reason behind this is obvious – the water used to clean a Wheelie Bin is quite harmful to the environment, and naturally inherits the germs and bacteria from the Wheelie Bin Clean – professional Wheelie Bin Cleaning services will address this by removing the water used to clean the bin and disposing of it in an environmentally friendly manner – secondary to this of course is that the bacteria from the Wheelie Bin is often killed off by the use of high pressure, hot water guns – designed specifically to terminate the bacteria it removes.

As a final though, the price of Wheelie Bin Cleaning is actually quite low – it is worth asking yourself – is it really worth my time and the potential damage to the environment by cleaning my own bin?

If you have any queries or would like to enquire about the price of a wheelie bin clean, be sure to contact us here.

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