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Why clean commercial and domestic organic wheelie bins?

Organic waste is made up of food waste and contains a lot of moisture and when sitting in a wheelie bin can make the bin and area unhygienic, it is of upmost importance that the bins are kept clean and hygienic as germs can colonize in the bin quickly – not only to avoid the smells that are associated with an unhygienic wheelie bin , but to ensure that the standards of hygiene required for the commercial and domestic premise are maintained.

Why clean wheelie bins

Wheelie bins are always going to be a little bit smelly – of course, almost all of your household waste ends up in them. What you may not realise, is that if not kept in check, that smell can spread throughout the area where your Wheelie Bin is kept, not only that, but the germs and bacteria that are generated by the storage of your household waste can also spread and become a serious health hazard in the area around your wheelie bin, and also attract pest.

Why clean wheelie bin regularly

A recent study in England looked at the number of bacteria that grows in and around the bin area – wheelie bins are the most dangerous items in the home when it comes to the breeding of harmful bacteria and viruses.

Why clean wheelie bins with fresh water not recycled water

To stop cross contamination from one bin to another as per EPA (Environment Protection Authority of Victoria) and VWMA (Victorian Waste Management Association) guidelines – Wastewater from wheelie bin cleaning is likely to contain many chemical contaminants and pathogens, and so must be managed accordingly. Based on this, to best prevent risk of harm to human health and the environment, the VWMA and EPA recommends the use of fresh water for wheelie bin cleaning.

Why use Odour Control Pods on bins between cleaning

Our Odour Control Pods control odours in bins between services by a simple, inexpensive solution to the age-old problem of odour control in bins. Our pods do more than mask smells, it absorbs odours and releases a blend of oils which bind and eliminate odours and the bacteria and fungi which cause them.

Why us our Vapour Odour Eliminators instead of aerosol spray units

Our Vapour Odour Eliminator absorbs the  moisture and the microbes (Odour) that move around in the air. The fan draws in the air and directs the air into the purifier to absorb the moisture that holds the odour, the microbes (Odour) will be eliminated. (in smaller areas, the reduction in moisture will also inhibit the growth of bacteria).

Why use our Odour Control Pods around the house

Firstly, most importantly to the health system, the oils are released from the pod into the air as a micro mist, it cannot be seen. They will stay suspended in air for several hours. Any microbe (Odour) that the oils contact will be killed by the oil mixture. Secondly, they absorb moisture and the microbes (Odour) that move around in the air. Once absorbed into the pod, the microbes (Odour) will be eliminated. (in smaller areas, the reduction in moisture will also inhibit the growth of bacteria)

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