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Odour Control Man Specialises in keeping areas smelling fresh and odour free!

Welcome to the World of Odour Control! The Odour Control Man provides a range of products and services, both domestically and commercially, to enhance the hygiene of your environment as well as removing any bad or unwanted smells.

Odour Control plays a crucial role in improving the environment around your home, commercial space or office.

The Odour Control Man has been providing top of the range, affordable Odour Control Solutions since 2003 and is an industry leader in this field. Contact the Odour Control Man today to discuss how we can help you with your odour control requirements.


An odour within a confined area, either commercial, office or home can have a strong effect on the way we enjoy that area. Studies over decades have proven that the effects of odour have a vast and long lasting effect – both positive and negative on our emotions and frame of mind.

The Science of Our Technology

The patented design of the technology ensures continued and on- going odour control. The technology behind our system was initiated over 25 years ago. The scientist who was eventually credited with the invention became fascinated when he observed that when essential oils were diffused into the environment, emissions and odours were reduced. Inspired by this finding, further evidence showed that the odours were not just masked but permanently removed. The result was a set of specialized formulations that neutralize a wide spectrum of organic and inorganic odour problems efficiently and permanently. These patented formulations have been scientifically engineered to be environmentally safe. Manufactured under strict quality controls, the components of our systems are generally recognized as common in the food and odour industry and have a long history of safety throughout the world.

Applications for Odour Control Products


Odour Control Spray

Our spray has been researched and developed to answer the need to control odour in bins so is completely safe and long lasting. Contain a 2 stage odour control solution which will not only destroy the odour in the waste container but also eliminate the surrounding odours. Our Odour Control Spray controls the odour from inside bin and outside, disinfects and sanitises the bin whilst leaving a pleasant floral fragrance. Odour Control spray can be sprayed directly over affected areas to prevent foul odours from occurring.

The Odour Control Pods

The Odour Control Pods work in two ways.

  • First, they absorb moisture and the microbes that move around in the air. Once absorbed into the pod, the microbes will be eliminated. (in smaller areas, the reduction in moisture will also inhibit the growth of bacteria)
  • Second, and most importantly to the health system, the oils are released from the pod into the air as a micro mist, it cannot be seen. They will stay suspended in air for several hours. Any microbe that the oils contact will be killed by the oil mixture.
  • The oil mixture will then settles onto surfaces and kill any microbes it comes into contact with on these surfaces. The surfaces include walls, floors, bench tops, taps, as well as the hard to get places for cleaning which can act as “reservoirs” for the microbes.

The Vapour Odour Eliminator (VOE)

The fan forced vessel circulates the oil mixture in the product through the unit and into the air eliminating odour microbes in the air. This is much more effective than a spray unit which can often only cover a small area next to the machine. The VOE method also allows us to use a product without chemicals that reduces bacteria promoting a healthier environment for us to exist in. What occurs over time is that with continued application and release of the oils and air circulation, the environmental load of microbial pathogens will be reduced. The reduction of the amount of microbes will reduce the odour in the air.

Probiotic All Purpose Cleaner

Originally launched in European healthcare facilities, Probiotic Cleaners quickly proved to be significantly more effective than disinfectants and sanitizers at reducing Hospital Acquired Infections. Extensive testing and peer reviewed studies over the past decade show Probiotic cleaners consistently yield sustainable, safe results in successfully reducing the risk of infection while not triggering antimicrobial resistance. Probiotic cleaner is a non-toxic and non-corrosive cleaner that are enriched with safe, beneficial strains of probiotics that gives the ability to create a healthy indoor environment. Probiotic cleaner is used to clean educational facilities, offices, homes, pet and animal care facilities, aged care, hospitals, public transportation, and recreational complexes. It is trusted as the environmentally friendly cleaner that gets results. Probiotic cleaners provide a safe, effective solution to successfully address and resolve odour, biofilm, allergen and infection control issues in any type of facility.


Wipe out beneficial microbes while triggering chemical resistance in the harmful microbes. Now the more resistant harmful microbes repopulate rapidly.

Probiotic Cleaning Products

Probiotic Cleaning Products quickly dominate surfaces with probiotics. The probiotic bacteria are highly active, occupying any available space, and using up available ‘food’. This leaves limited resources for the harmful bacteria, hampering their ability to grow.

Why service your Waterless Urinal?

Urinal deep cleaning is an essential part of any waterless urinal system. All of the current range of waterless urinal contain some kind of “barrier” or valve system to ensure bad smells don’t come from there urinals. A proper deep clean of a urinal includes the removal of all the build- up of uric scale on and around the urinal. There are many cleaners and products on the market claiming to perform a deep clean and charging extra for the privilege. To ensure you are getting your monies worth after a scheduled service, take a look under the cover of urinal, if it has you running to the nearest toilet then it’s not right.

Stainless Steel Urinal Polishing Service. Don’t Replace It, Refurbish It!

Calcium and uric scale build up on your stainless steel urinals can make them look very dirty. Our unique urinal polishing will have them looking brand new. Doing bathroom renovations but don’t want the huge expense of replacing and re-plumbing your urinal. Utilising our urinal polishing system has saved customers thousands with an end result that will have your urinal up to the standard of other new fittings. Using all original parts from the Manufacturer. Don’t void you warran- ty using aftermarket urinal adaptors that claim to save you money. Our professional, experienced service techs offer you a cost effective solution that keeps your urinal looking and smelling clean. Call or email us with your urinal problems. We would love to help.

Why Odour Control Foaming?

Our Odour Control Foaming application is formulated to disinfect and control the odour on most surfaces. It leaves the area or waste container sanitised, eliminates the odour and changes the environment to deter pests that are attracted to the odour. Our Odour Control Foaming solution can be utilised for most odour problems in large areas, such as waste rooms, compactors and loading docks.

Our Odour Control Foaming solutions are quite unique to WBCM Environmental Australia and contain a 2 stage odour control solution. This not only destroys the odour in the waste container and affected areas, it also eliminates the odour in surrounding areas. If applying to unsealed concrete surfaces, the Odour Control Foaming sinks into the concrete and destroys the odour by eliminating the moisture that holds the odour. The Odour Control Foaming application can be purchased or have one of our team apply to the affected area.

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